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PACKET ART 2250 (Layne) Intro to Watercolor
PACKET ART 2250 (Layne) Intro to Watercolor

Palette Brush Round 2" Brush Round 6" Brush Angle 3/4" Brush Flat 1/2" Paint w/c Cadmium Orange MD. Paint w/c Hooker Green Paint w/c Burnt Umber Paint w/c Raw Sienna Paint w/c Ultramarine Blue Paint w/c Chinese White Paint w/c Cadmium Red Med. Paint w/c Cadmium Yellow Med. Paint w/c Alizarin Crimson Paint w/c Ivory Black Paint w/c Yellow Ochre Paint w/c Cerulean Blue Sharpie-ultra fine Sharpie-fine Sharpie-Chisel pencil Sharpener Scissors Pencil 2B Pencil 3B Ruler 12" Kneaded Eraser

Item: 2005197
Price: $115.99


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