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DSU Textbook Rental Policy

  1. All rentals must be secured with a major credit card - Visa, Mastercard, or Discover ONLY. Debit cards may be used for payment, but not to secure rentals.
  2. I understand it is my responsibility to return all books rented from the DSU Campus Store by the end of Finals Week, or my credit card will be charged the retail price of the textbook and a penalty fee.
  3. I understand that the books I have rented are the property of Dixie State University. By accepting the terms of my rental agreement, I assume full responsibility for returning all rented textbooks in reusable condition to the DSU Campus Store by the above mentioned date.
  4. I understand no moisture damage, binding damage, tears or excessive wear will be accepted. I understand that all loose-leaf textbooks are to be returned in an approved 3-ring binder.
  5. I understand that my rental fee is only refundable in accordance with the DSU Campus Store refund policy.
  6. Receipts are required for all refunds and exchanges and must be within the above mentioned time frame for acceptable returns.
  7. Prior to paying my rental fee, I have inspected the textbook and confirm that the book is in acceptable condition.